Kick out the Fairy in You

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The first manual that won’t change you into another person, but it will teach you how to be You.


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The first manual that won’t change you into another person, but it will teach you how to be You.

Welcome to you, who managed to get here. If you, just like many others, have always felt wrong, inevitably but inexorably kept comparing yourself to other Women, are tired of the self-help manuals who want to turn you into someone you are not, well then this is the right place for you.
Just so you know, you are not alone.
And most of all, what happens to you is normal.
The message I want to convey to you through these pages is that you are just fine.
I am not saying you are perfect and that you don’t need to keep bettering yourself.
I am saying that the first step to become what you are destined to be is to be exactly who you already are.
I know it may seem difficult, or even impossible, but you can do it.
So why this book, you may be asking?
And why has this book been written by a criminologist, who takes on many cases of abuse towards women?
What do spiritual evolution, self-love, the Light, and abuse on women have in common?
I can explain with a simple example.
You are looking for a job.
You know how much you are worth, what it is that you are looking for, and you know exactly how much money you should be paid.
At your job interview, they offer you a dissatisfactory job, way below your capabilities and aspirations, and not properly compensated at all.
You stand up, thank them, and walk away.
Well, take this instance and place it into a personal relationship.
What would happen if, instead of your boss, that man was a significant other or a boyfriend?
Would you settle to spend the rest of your life with a man who does not satisfy you, who does not appreciate you, who does not support you, but actually only tries to manipulate you and make you feel bad?
You are not happy with your weight but you are unable to lose it;
You hate your job but think you can’t aspire to become anything better;
You have a dream but you think you “will never be able to fulfill it”;
You wish you could move but have no idea of where to start.
When a Woman doesn’t love herself, she only lives a half-life
A body she doesn’t like and doesn’t reflect who she is;
A job that doesn’t satisfy her;
A place where she doesn’t live the way she’d like to;
Friends and relationships that don’t gratify her;
An image of herself in which she feels lost.
Every time you put something else or somebody else before yourself, you are at risk of losing yourself.
I don’t want you to be selfish, but to love yourself, which is different.
It all begins when we stop loving and caring for ourselves.
That’s why I have begun working with Women on the “before”.
Before they lose themselves, before they start to hate themselves, before they stop dreaming and before they place their lives into the hands of somebody who does not love them.
This book stems from the “Project of Women of Light”, something I have dedicated many years of my life to and that I deeply love.
With the Project of Women of Light, I have helped many Women “find themselves before they get lost”!
I remind them of how special they are, that they are divine creatures, and they are irreplaceable.
I give them everything I have learned throughout my journey and that can help them through their own journey, the most important one: the journey that will take them back home.
The world needs you.
You got that right.
The world needs you to be exactly who you are so that you can contribute to its evolution.
The world needs your color to complete its color chart.
What would the world be like if we were all the same?
How could humanity evolve if there weren’t any different or original voices?
If you don’t express your opinion, your ways, your being, you take something away from other people who could have used all of that to move on and grow up.
The world needs to know what you think, what you feel, what you like and dislike, and it needs you because each one of us contribute to its development.


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