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Welcome to the World of Women of Light!

After telling you who I am, let me tell you who you are.

You are a woman, that is, by definition you are a special being.



Maybe you don’t know why they never told you.

Maybe you don’t remember it because they convinced you, over the course of your whole life, that you are worthless.

And you believed it so much that now you think this is the truth.

Are you imprisoned in a body that you don’t recognize as yours?

Do you do a job that wears you down?

Do you live in a place you hate?

Do you have a relationship that is destroying you, or do you go from one story to another but you feel more and more alone?


And above all, do you now believe that this is your reality and that nothing can change?


You are trapped inside an image that does not belong to you, suffocated by feelings of guilt for not being as you think the world wants you.

You judge yourself constantly, for everything you do and say.

You justify yourself, you apologize, you feel sorry, you feel wrong. You have started an infinite number of diets but are unable to lose weight.

You don’t like the job you do but you don’t have the courage to change.

You are satisfied with the relationships that happen to you because you are convinced that you do not deserve better.

It doesn’t have to be that way


The reality is what you build every day, with your thoughts. And for this your reality can be extraordinary.
Do you know that you can do real magic?
Or that you have the power to change your life?
And do you know that you can really accomplish everything you think?

You are taking a wonderful journey into this world, and the road will take you to yourself.


You are extraordinary, and this may be the first day of your new life.


For you, below, there are all the posts from which you can start your journey.