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What are Negative Beliefs and how to change them

It is said that when Columbus’s caravels arrived on the coast of America, the natives did not see them because the image of a caravel did not exist in their mind.

They could not perceive them because they lacked the belief that they could exist.

“Love makes you suffer”.

“It’s too good to be true.”

“How can I please someone if I’m so fat?”

“But what a lottery game I do, you never win anything!”

“I will never be able to change jobs.”

“Let’s be satisfied with what I have, it’s already a lot in such a difficult world.”

What are Negative Beliefs and how to change them

Here’s what beliefs are.

You can see them as patterns or as unconscious thoughts or even as programs inserted in your brain.

Call them resistances, beliefs about how things are going, preconceptions.
The meaning is always one: things will go as you think they should go.

If you are convinced that nobody loves you, you will be alone.
You believe that to stay fit you have to make a huge effort, and so you will always struggle to stay fit.
You think relationships make you suffer, and you will end up in relationships that make you suffer.
If you are convinced that you will never be able to do the job you love, you will never do it.
And I’ll explain why.

We always want to be right!
Do you realize the absurdity of this thing?

In order not to contradict ourselves, we come to make our worst fears come true. We live in a relationship and continually repeat that he will betray us because men are all the same. So one day he cheats on us.

And what do we say?
“Here, you saw, I knew it. It always ends up like this! ”.

Ok. Stop.

What are Negative Beliefs and how to change them

It always ends like this because we are the ones who tell our brain how things should go. And he, who is a perfect machine, performs.
Why don’t you try to replace the beliefs you read at the beginning with others like:
“Love is simple, just being yourself.”
“It is natural that everything is fine.”
“I will find the right man who will love me exactly as I am, because I love myself and I deserve to be loved.”
“The world is a place full of opportunities and something magical is in store for me!”
Do you know what will change?
That if you are convinced that the world is a place full of opportunities, not only will the opportunities come, but you will be able to see them! Because you will believe that they exist.

Discovering your beliefs will set you free, because you will realize the immense power you have: that of making things happen. And one day, during this wonderful and exciting journey that we can do together if you want, you will squint because you will seem to perceive something on the horizon, and you will understand that your world has changed as your beliefs about the world have changed.

Then, you will see the caravels.