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Do you remember those 80s TV series of the “Growing Pains” series or better still “Family Ties”?

These were perfect families in which there was a new type of divinity.

Women, mothers, wives, lovers of their husbands and super busy managers but at the same time perfect housewives always available for everyone?

Well, if you are trying to identify yourself with them or if you are only imagining doing it, stop!

They are dangerous, very dangerous!

I present them to you… from today we will call them the GODDES OF THE SIT-COM!





In the episode on duty this divinity appeared: mother of 3 children but supersexy wife, worker but housewife … in short, a Super Woman.

The son, sometimes even her husband, got into trouble and she had to (and she always managed so great) to solve everything.

The frustrating thing is that he always knew what to say and how to do it, obviously at the right time.

And, I will never tire of repeating it, with the latest fashion makeup and hair.

Don’t get depressed, because now let’s play a game.

Don’t get depressed, because now let’s play a game.

Ready? GO!!!


1. A mom doesn’t talk to children about sex



Ok, if your mother burned bras in the square in 1968 go to point 2.

For all the others, who was talking about sex with their mother?

The Goddess of the Sit-Com instead does not need to spy in her children’s drawers, because they (male teenagers with hormones at 3000 inclusive) spontaneously went to the parent to learn all about sex.

Ok, are you there?

Do you realize that this cannot be true?

Therefore, if you are struggling because you don’t know if your daughter “had sex”, don’t worry.

She has a host of friends who support her, and if she doesn’t come to you it means that she is a sane teenager with no problems.

So there is nothing to worry about.

2. At 3 in the morning a mother sleeps. If your car stops, get by



I remember one episode.

As a teenager, I stayed in the car at 3 am.

I called my mother, because it was like this in a sitcom.

In Sit, however, the children also have the aggravating circumstance.

Usually they call at 3 in the morning after breaking up the car because they had badly screwed up, and often phoned from prison or hospital.

I had only run out of gas.

Yet my mother, not appreciating all this, said to me: “Ok take a taxi. Good night”.

Today I understand: mothers at 3 am sleep, and if the world doesn’t collapse, you will do it yourself!


3. A normal woman does not read in thought



How did the Sit-Com Goddess know what their children thought even when they didn’t even know it themselves?

Simple, she was a sensitive medium with extra-perceptive powers.

Are you there? Does not exist…

Here is what happens in reality: your son hasn’t spoken for 3 days.

What are you doing?

In general, you wait a little, look at it sideways, peek at it secretly, gnawing your nails and browsing every possible approach.

Then, look in the drawers, listen to his phone calls with his hand over his maniac-like mouth, in short the usual things.

And generally it passes.

If you then try to say something, you can be sure that it is the wrong thing at the worst time!

Listen to me, breathe and remember: this is normal!


4. Finally, the final test



If everything I have told you so far still has not convinced you, think of this.

The Sit-Com Goddess does (perfectly by the way) everything I have told you, and she does it in high heels.

Have you ever looked at her feet? They are never swollen.

Here’s the proof … they were cyborgs!

Come on, we’ll do it!