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If you were your best friend. Imagine the scene.

Your best friend comes to you and tells you he has to talk to you.

He confides that he is very sad and unhappy because he has problems.

What is a boyfriend who does not understand her, that is a job that does not satisfy her, that is a tense relationship with her parents or that it is a sense of general dissatisfaction with life itself, what would you say to her?

Whatever can make her feel better, right?

You would give her any advice that could reassure her, you would tell her not to worry because you are there for her.

So you would tell her to get away from those who hurt her immediately.

You would remind her that she is a special person, who has many talents and who deserves the best.

Therefore you would encourage her to make all her dreams come true.

True? Beacuse she is your best friend, you love her and you would do everything for her.


You are your best friend, have you ever thought about it?



Why don’t you do the same with yourself?

But why don’t you listen to that little voice that is talking to you and asking for help?

Why do you always put yourself in the background perhaps thinking that you are not worth enough or that it is never the time to think about your own good?

You don’t listen, you don’t trust yourself, you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t love yourself, you don’t give yourself permission to make mistakes, you don’t fight for your dreams.

hink about it, if you had a friend like that, you would stay out of there, wouldn’t you?

If you had a friend who never has time for you, who doesn’t listen to you, who doesn’t support you, who doesn’t believe in you, who doesn’t do what’s best for you, wouldn’t you say she’s not a good friend?




If it can help you, think of yourself as a child.

When you’re sick, it’s your little one who’s asking you for help.

If you feel that pain right there, near the heart, it is she who is calling you. Do you have a baby girl or granddaughter? Wouldn’t you give your life for her?

A girl needs to be looked after, to be reassured, to be listened to.

When you happen to feel scared for some reason, try reassuring yourself as if you were talking to a little girl.

Do it with sweet, gentle, protective words.

Say to yourself phrases like “don’t worry, everything will be fine” or “don’t worry, I’m with you”.

Start with these simple but very important moves
Don’t worry about feeling a little strange.

After all, you’re just talking to the most important person in your life, aren’t you? I have been making certain speeches with myself since I was born. I speak, I answer myself, and when I don’t agree with me I get angry too 🙂





Who would you trust such an intimate thing that embarrasses you or frightens you?

That is, who would you say you don’t know what to do, where to start, which way to choose?

To your best friend isn’t it?

Then stand in front of the mirror and say it.

Talk to yourself as if you have a problem.

Then answer to give you the possible solutions.

The beauty of this game is that in addition to being very useful, it does not involve risks.
Nobody sees you, nobody hears you. At the most you can do?

Give you wrong advice? 🙂





What do you like to do? Go to the movies in the morning? Just do it!

Let’s see … go around bookstores, buy that book you wanted and read it before you even get home sipping a cappuccino in your favorite coffee? Just do it!

Do you like going to exhibitions? Give yourself a ticket and accompany us!

Do you want to take a train on Sunday to go and visit that city? Just do it.

Who better than you knows what your interests are and the things you like?

And who better than you can satisfy them?

Think about it, you never risk being at odds with someone, there is no decision whether to see a movie or another, you have no doubts about what to order at the restaurant. Total compatibility





And here we come to my favorite part …

You come home in the evening after a day of work, tired and stressed.

You have that pain in the neck that hasn’t left you for days and thoughts are already going to tomorrow’s meeting.

Turn down the lights, put on your favorite music, pour yourself a good glass of wine and cook something good. Light an incense and unplug the phone. Prepare your favorite movie, undress and tuck yourself into the tub.

Wouldn’t you do it for your man? Do it for you too then.




Yes, ok I know, this is not easy.

Unless you suffer from short-term amnesia, it’s difficult to surprise yourself with a gift without yourself knowing what you got.

The meaning, however, is this: give yourself a gift every now and then, maybe when you have done something beautiful and positive or better yet when you are a little down.

Buy yourself some flowers and take them home, give yourself a nice dress that caught you passing in front of the window, give yourself a weekend in that place you’ve always dreamed of seeing.

I know that what I tell you may collide (in case you have a partner) with your life as a couple.

You could tell me “What am I doing? Will I give it up and leave? “

“No”, I would answer you, “You will regenerate and then come back to give him even more love”.

Sometimes you need to unplug and even more so if you have a partner, this refill is good for him too.

Remember that when you come home to him, your energies are poured out on him.

Always stay full of Light. It is also a gesture of love towards him.

He will understand you, also because to be with you he must be a man of light, no?




The most important thing to always keep in mind is that you are the only person who has always been and always will be, until the end, in your life.

Being with yourself in this wonderful world is an exciting and enlightening adventure.

Every day there is something to discover and learn, life constantly surprises you and everything can be experienced as a game. Did you ever hide in the park, as a child, with that sense of excitement in your belly while everyone was looking for you?

Did you ever sneak into the closet pretending it was a spaceship?

Do you remember if you ever walked in a wood not with fear but with a sense of joy and ecstasy?

Here, find all this, and live the adventure with the most special person you know. YOU

Okay, I know what you’re thinking right now.

“But won’t I look crazy doing these things?”

Then I’ll ask you a question.

Are those who don’t even know they exist healthy for you?

Don’t worry, everything will be fine