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Even today I open the Internet and it is immediately war.

The Pope prays for the pandemic, new cases registered in Italy, new deaths, Facebook launches a fundraiser for the Coronavirus.

So I said to myself, it’s time for me to go and check how many these dead actually are.

Now, to know how many Coronavirus deaths there are, and when I say ‘by’ I mean ‘because of’, there is no source to keep.

You must go to the website of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

Not the news, certainly not Facebook and even less those horrible chats that everyone exchanges with chilling news of deaths between atrocious sufferings.

Not the broadcasts that are riding the wave to make shares, not the newspapers that publish absurd bulletins and above all, especially not the government.

None of these are a reliable and official source like the ISS.

And here is the first news.

Covid-19: the ISS publishes the data, but nobody knows how to interpret it



You read that right, but since as you know on this site you don’t find personal opinions but sources, let’s go straight to explain.

Say: in Italy there were 100 new deaths from Coronavirus only yesterday, not only is it a big bullshit in terms of medical and statistical interpretation, but it is also a real act of media and psychological terrorism.

After all, the classic example of ‘if I have two apples and you have none, we both eat an apple’, applies perfectly to this situation.

Example: 100 people died yesterday (but I’m not telling you why). These 100 people all had red hair.

What do you deduce from this?

That red hair was the cause of death, or at least related to death.

Well, it is that fact that in statistics (something that newspapers and TVs ignore, or perhaps it would be better to say omit) is called ‘correlational’ and not ‘causal’.

What does it mean? That red hair is not the cause of death, but it is something that people who died for other reasons had.

Clear the concept?

Well, let’s analyze the data, and as always we do here, I bring you the graph of the Institute of Health, because you don’t have to believe me either but only your common sense.


Covid-19: the Istituto Superiore di Sanità publishes the data, but where are the dead?



Here is the specific page of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità that talks about Coronavirus. So here’s the photo showing the cases as of March 15th.


Here is the full report.

What do we notice?

That under 50 there are 2 cases of deceased. 2 cases. Only 2. Not doctors in the trenches in hospitals, not thousands of dying young people dying like those horrendous fakes that go around.

Go on:

9% of the deceased are between 70 and 79 years old
16% of the deceased are between 80 and 89 years old
19% of the deceased are over 90 years old.
So: 44% of the deceased, peace to their soul, would have died anyway, was already dying, would have died even from an air blow.

But here comes an even more interesting fact.

Not only for the deceased, but also for the 2 under 40 years.


Let’s go to see the causes of death reported by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, not the TG or social media.

Here the complete report. We immediately see that: the average age of the deceased is

  • 79.4 years 47% of the deceased had at least 3 or even more pathologies in place (pathologies such as stroke, cancer, dementia, ischemic heart disease, diabetes)
  • 25.7% of the deceased had 2 pathologies in progress (always among those)
  • 26.1% of the deceased had another ongoing disease (always among those).

Even the 2 deceased under 40.

Here it is:


Covid-19: difference between contagion rate and mortality rate



There is another detail that the bad guys omit, and it is the difference between the contagion rate and the mortality rate.

Take for example two specific diseases: the ebola virus and a cold.

The mortality rate is, out of 100 people, the number of deaths from that specific cause.

The ebola virus is terrible in this, because mortality reaches 70% (i.e. out of 10 who get sick, 7 die, but of ebola, not of other 5 pathologies put together).

The rate of contagion is the speed with which a virus spreads.

The cold does not beat in this, because a sneeze is enough and it is done. With the difference that there is no cure for colds, and therefore it would be a devastating disease because it spreads a lot and has no cure.

Coronavirus? Draw your consequences based on what I have told you so far, but draw them, because your freedom is at stake.

And if you want to contest these data, do it, but not to me, at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, because here is only what they say.